What is something that you are really great at?

Maintaining your self esteem whilst in lock down.

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Continuing the videos for maintaining your self esteem whilst in lock down, I've used Barefoot Coaching Children's Coaching Cards as a prompt to ask - What is something your really great at?

Ask yourself and write them down! Make a list! 


Jo Jones

Coach (ACC ICF), Barefoot Coaching

I am an innovative, professional transformational coach, who is passionate about empowering individuals to be the best versions of themselves. My approach is holistic – we will work together to form a coaching relationship that is built on trust, authenticity and honesty, one which will work with the whole of you. I will give you the space and time to think, I will nurture new mindsets, identify blocks, set goals and celebrate all that is you! When necessary, I will hold you to account and shine a light on new approaches. I'm In-House Coach and Tutor at Barefoot Coaching, both on the Coaching Skills for Parents/Family Life and ICF PG CERT in Business and Personal Coaching. I also deliver confidence workshops and I've career coaching experience working with Execs and Senior Leaders. Before I became a Coach, I was a Substance Misuse Counsellor within the voluntary sector for many years, we're I provided clinical support and counselling to a high portfolio of clients with varying degrees of substance misuse within a multi-disciplinary composition. I worked with often challenging individuals with life threatening behaviours to address their needs and their goals. Using positive psychology to manage risk and reduce harm, I also built trust with individuals who had lost trust in society. It was during this time that I built strong and steadfast foundations for being a coach.