Wake Up to WFH: Kim Morgan - Anxiety & Loss

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I’m Barry Ennis and today, joining Polly Downes and I, I’m very chuffed to welcome the gorgeous Kim Morgan, CEO of Barefoot Coaching and all round Queen of Personal and Professional Growth.

As we begin week 6 of physical distancing, we discuss the realities of how we are feeling collectively and individually around the freedoms, people, places and experiences we have lost during this process

And with a reported death toll of over 20,000 in the UK, how can we make meaning from such abstract numbers and the impact on us personally? And how do we handle anxiety when loss is displayed as data on a graph night after night?

I’d just to say that personally I am in the very fortunate position to have not experienced any personal tragedy during this period, but I am mindful that others might.

This morning, as ever, we intend to keep the conversation positive and productive, not to discount any difficult emotions, but simply to bring them into our awareness in a way that is healthy, helpful and true.

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