The Power List - Day 3 of 5-Day Challenge: Step into Your Power with Confidence and Joy

This video is part of the 5-Day Challenge: Step into Your Power with Confidence and Joy. Each video has a teaching and a simple but powerful exercise for you to do. They work better if done in order and during the same week to keep momentum! Are you up for the challenge? :)

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These tools will help you feel empowered and master your self-confidence so you can make decisions aligned with your values and fill your life with joy and success.

Today's video is about making a power list.


🥵Do you know those days when you feel very scared, vulnerable all you can seem to do is worry about potential scenarios that most of the time never happen?

Why do we do this? (Yes, we all do!)

It’s because consciously or unconsciously , we think that we won’t be able to deal with whatever we are scared of. It’s because we don’t think we have internal resources to overcome a potential situation.

For example, if I’m terrified of losing my job, there are two types of fear and ways to deal with the situation:

🤔Protective fear – I acknowledge that the situation is complicated, so just in case, I’m going to update my CV, I’m going to build my network, I’m going to save money but I CARRY ON WITH MY LIFE.

When managed well, fear can be very useful, it’s a warning that there is a threat so we can think of a solution.

But the key is to believe that even if I lost my job I HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES I NEED to find another job. It might take a bit of time, it might be difficult to accept at the beginning, but I rely on my potential and my experience and I don’t need to worry about it all day because I know eventually I would find another job (maybe a better one!).

🥶Paralysing fear– I’m so scared of losing my job that I don’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t focus at work, I keep thinking that I will never find another job.

Not only it’s not helping me deal with the potential problem, it’s putting me in such a stressful situations that my mindset and my health are being affected.

It’s completely impossible to feel empowered, confident and make conscious decisions when we are paralysed by fear.

💡A way to face fear is to remember all the resources we have.

🌟💪So the task for today is THE POWER LIST.💪🌟

I want you to grab pen and paper and a timer (if you’re using your phone put it on airplane mode so you’re not disturbed).

Set the timer for at least 15 minutes.

Write about all your skills, positive traits, difficult situations you’ve overcome, challenges you’ve faced, lessons you’ve learnt.

Don’t stop until the timer goes off, if you think you’re done, keep thinking and keep writing!

⚠️If you hear something like “I speak 4 languages but you know, I’m not even fluent so it doesn’t count”... STOP. THAT’S THE INNER CRITIC IN ACTION!

So take a deep breath, take control over it and visualise LEAVING THE ROOM.

Keep this list handy and read it every day to remind yourself how amazing you are.


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