The intention of these videos is to support your journey of self mastery so you can become a more Connected, Confident & Conscious woman... the feminine way.

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Welcome to week 2 of this 7 week's Vlog series. 

In today's video we will learn about feminine energy. 

I hope you connect with this week's message. 

Much love

PS: Video 3 will be released on the 29th of March 2021.


Lara Khalaf 

Woman's Empowerment & Feminine Leadership

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Lara Khalaf

Woman's Empowerment & Feminine Leadership, Leadership. Femininity. Consciousness.

🌺 WELCOME: "She remembered who she was and the game changed" what a powerful quote! it also summarises the essence of my work. 🌺 INTRO: I hold a degree in literature, however my love for service excellence and people led me to spend more than 20 years in progressive leadership roles and managing large team operations in the private, corporate and public sectors. 5 years ago I decided to leave my corporate life and opened a boutique conscious coaching and training firm specialised in women's empowerment and feminine leadership. I am also a NED for a startup, spoken on stages globally, did a TEDx and I currently co-host a podcast called "SHE WHO RISES UP" 🌺 PRESENT: Professional women want to work together because they want to be empowered, regain their confidence, develop their self leadership and reconnect to their feminine essence. We work integrating mind, body and soul. I currently run "She leads" (1:1 bespoke coaching), "She becomes" (group coaching to ignite your feminine leadership through the 7 gateways) and "RISE" (women's development programme for corporate). 🌺 PERSONAL: I love my dogs, cats, belly dancing, reading mystical books, forests, tarot cards, collecting healing crystals and barbie dolls. 🌺 WISHES: I hope what it shared inspires sparks of life to lead and live a life of love, joy, beauty and consciousness. ♥︎