It is OK to cry | At Home with Robyn and Jayne | Eps 9 The COVID-19 Calm Series

We focus this week on acknowledging emotions and give you tools to help the eb and flow, so that you don’t get stuck and dragged under the water with overwhelm.

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An open conversation about the challenges of these current times.

We cover:

  • Tools to help you stay afloat 
  • How to restore energy flow if abdominal surgery (including caesarean has caused a disconnect)
  • Why you might need to give yourself permission to cry
  • The relationship between the full moon and our body


Need some extra support or tools and techniques to help you gain stability and reconnect with your inner power, passions and purpose?  

Check out Robyn's resources: 

Read Jayne's bestseller 'Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success '





Jayne Morris

Co-Founder & Director, Balanceology Global

Jayne Morris is the author of 'Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success', Huffington Post contributor, former resident NHS Online Life Coach and regular BBC Radio/TV and Sky TV guest. She has been featured in many national and international publications on the topics of burnout, stress and wellbeing. Jayne runs Balanceology, a wellbeing business, with her husband Dylan.  They live with their two children and dog, Blade near Bristol, UK.  Balanceology offer in-person and online wellbeing workshops, coaching and consultancy. Jayne has extensive experience managing retreat spaces and running retreats, including projects for Pythouse Kitchen Garden (Wiltshire), Belmont Estate (Bristol), 42 Acres (Frome) and Lucknam Park Spa (Bath). She continues to create bespoke individual and group retreats hosted in specially selected venues in the UK and abroad. Jayne works differently to other coaches because she blends coaching with integrative art psychotherapy, martial arts and energy management. Her unique rebalancing process can reconnect you to your power, passions and purpose.