Taming the Inner Critic - Day 2 of 5-Day Challenge: Step into Your Power with Confidence and Joy

This video is part of the 5-Day Challenge: Step into Your Power with Confidence and Joy. Each video has a teaching and a simple but powerful exercise for you to do. They work better if done in order and during the same week to keep momentum! Are you up for the challenge? :)

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These tools will help you feel empowered and master your self-confidence so you can make decisions aligned with your values and fill your life with joy and success.

Today's video is about taming our inner critic.


🤬The inner critic is that annoying voice inside our heads that says things like:

‘You’re not good enough’

‘You’re a failure’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, that’s a silly idea’

Everyone has an inner critic. And even though their purpose is to protect ourselves (from being hurt, from suffering, from failing), it can be very limiting if it takes control over us (long explanation about this in the video).

But the inner critic is not you, it’s just a part of you. You are in control now.

✏️So today, I want you to focus on one of those annoying messages that your inner critic has been telling you recently.

‘You don’t deserve a promotion’

‘You’re not good enough for a guy like him’

‘You never get anything right’

Whatever the message is for you.

I want you to find evidence that proves that that message is not true.

Reframe that message in a positive and empowering way.

🤩‘I have experienced and knowledge and I deserve that promotion’

🤩‘I deserve a partner who treats me with love and takes care of me’

🤩‘I’ve achieved many things in my life and I’m proud of myself’

If it helps you be in control, you can even draw your inner critic – what would It look like? Short, tall, fat, skinny, what’s the expression in its face?

🤐Draw it in a piece of paper and leave it in a place where you know it won’t disturb you this week – it can be a drawer or even the freezer!

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