Create Your New Life Whilst in Lockdown

Wouldn’t it be great to come out of isolation feeling a lot clearer about how you want your life to look, vs how it currently looks?

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I’d love to know what comes up for you when you’re doing this exercise! Let me know if you found it useful.

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Becca Forshaw - Life & Mindset Coach


I help women to create and build a life & career they love. If you're feeling stuck, then I can help you to realise that You have the power to change your life. I help you to challenge your thinking. During our sessions we explore your values, vision, strategy and how you can increase your self-confidence, take that next step in your career or drive your business forward. I can help you choose a fulfilling work life, help you have better relationships, and help you to see that life can be everything you want it to be. I have worked with organisations and individuals across many areas including Times Top 100 Companies and Non Profit Organisations, and have a background of over 20 years top performing sales experience working across many sectors. If you'd like to talk to me about where you feel like you're stuck, then please get in touch via my website for a no obligation call.