Burnout - simplifying the science

Have you ever experienced feelings of burnout? Would you know what to look out for anyway? In this five minute video I simplify the science of burnout from a psychology perspective, so you can properly identify and manage burnout - sooner rather than later is the key. Ref: Demerouti, et al., 2001

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Maya Gudka, Executive Coach, London Business School

Executive Coach & Facilitator; Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher; , YourPlate; London Business School

I use evidence-based Positive Psychology approaches, as well as years of Economics Consulting experience to access the right level of breadth and depth for each client on their personal and professional journey. I am one half of YourPlate, which uses strengths and personality based approaches to make lasting shifts in Nutrition and Health behaviours, with a fortnightly podcast where Nutrition meets Positive Psychology. I coach and facilitate on Leadership Programmes for London Business School Executives and am currently researching Leader Development.