Are you waiting for permission to create a life you love?

What to do if you want to do what you love but are settling for a job or career you hate.

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Today we talk about permission slips, taking brave courageous action and working on your self worth in order to believe you are worthy of the dreams you desire.

Today’s exercise is to spend some time journalling daily all the reasons why you ARE worthy of doing what you love. Look for evidence its all around you!


Kia is an Abstract Artist, Empowerment Coach, Creative Entrepreneur, Speaker, Host of UK top 3 wellness podcast, Happy Hacks, and a columnist for Psychologies Magazine. Kia believes you should do what you love with your one wild life and seeks to empower women with the tools to step into their true potential through her monthly coaching membership, Untold Happiness.

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Kia Cannons

Creative Coach, Happiness Expert and Happy Hacks Columnist for Psychologies Magazine

Kia teaches creative women how to do what they love via talks, and her online group coaching membership, Untold Happiness. Deeply interested in mindset mastery, habits, inner-soul work, and purpose, Kia coaches women how to step into their potential, do what they love and live truly happy and fulfilled lives.