Writing Adventure

Why writing is a big adventure... maybe the biggest

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Writing takes: courage, preparation, skill; the willingness to push yourself, to go into the unknown, dig deep, face failure and darkness, be open to ideas, take new routes, be an explorer, notice things, overcome fear. If that's not adventure, what is?

Lucy Atkins


Author of the novels The Other Child (2015), and The Missing One (2014); award winning author & feature journalist.


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about 7 years ago
Good point, Lucy! Good luck on your adventures!
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about 7 years ago
A quiet, internal adventure exploring the things you don't want to explore - brilliant!
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about 7 years ago
Very good insights Lucy. I am currently writing a book on career management and change and find its like peeling the layers of an onion. Just when you feel you've nailed a particular point your experience and others feedback takes you to another level of insight. You are right, its a very personal journey and like many things in life, you learn most from the challenges and difficulties.
Go to the profile of Lucy Atkins
about 7 years ago
thanks. I remember one writer talking about writing as being like pressing an injured limb until you find the fracture point...the pain is when you know you're onto something!