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Here are some questions for you, about The Missing One, and some things to think about and discuss. To find out more about the Psychologies Book Club, visit:

Lucy Atkins


Author of the novels The Other Child (2015), and The Missing One (2014); award winning author & feature journalist.


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over 7 years ago
I've just finished this book and absolutely loved it! I couldn't put it down, even though at times it was a stressful, infuriating and anxious read. Thank you Psychologies for launching your book club with such a powerful story. Thank you Lucy Atkins for writing such an amazingly complex and intriguing story. And thank you both for encouraging me to get back into reading - I haven't read a novel since the birth of my second child 15 months ago, but once I started this I couldn't put it down and read it in about 10 days! It's encouraged me to revisit my library, to make sure that I go to bed earlier to have time to read before I fall asleep and now I now have a list of recommended reading to see me through the summer months :-)
Go to the profile of Lucy Atkins
over 7 years ago
thanks Angela - It is so good to hear, and I am thrilled that it got you reading again. That's the joy of book clubs. I'd love to know what your summer list contains!
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over 7 years ago
The Missing One is a brilliant book. Like Angela I was hooked from the beginning. The theme of maternal loss ( the Orcas and the humans) was touching, (great for book club discussions) and the mystery kept me gripped until the very end. I am kind of sad that I bought it on Kindle as it's a book worth sharing. I may have to go buy another copy... Well, as you know, Lucy, I was so impressed with the book I sought you out for an interview, which is on Life Labs now. Can't wait for the next novel in 2015. Lang may yer lum reek. Jane x