What am I so mad about today?

Turning your passions into potential

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Learn why it's good to be a bit 'mad' and use it to make a difference for yourself and others!
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Dr Sam Collins

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Pioneering social entrepreneur, award-winning coach, inspirational speaker, author, fiercely loving mother and wife and prominent women's leadership expert. Sam has been named one of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry by Her Majesty The Queen, one of the Top 10 Coaches in the UK, and 'Leader in the Workplace' by the Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Awards. Originally from the UK, Sam followed her dream and now lives in Southern California, near the ocean, with her husband and two young sons and is in the process of adopting her daughter from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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Cheryl Rickman about 6 years ago

Great post! Yay! Love a bit of madness (not the band, although Suggs is great). Working with a passionate purpose is so rewarding. It's what I'm doing with Flourish and so happy to be doing so. Also agree, the focus on having to look good and having to 'put the Polyfilla on' as my mum used to say isn't empowering or freeing. Natural madness is where it's at! :-)