Easter on the farm brings spring sunshine, blossom, new lambs and puppies. Take notice of what you have this day for your memories are your life's movie for you to play in your mind. Take notice of the good ones and keep them for future dreaming. Happy Easter, stay well and stay connected.

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Amy Sinacola

Health and Wellbeing Coach, Amy Sinacola Coaching.

Amy Sinacola is a health and wellbeing coach with a background in healthcare and the NHS. She has coached and helped countless people facing life after cancer alongside nurses, managers and doctors dealing with wellbeing, stress and career decisions. She is passionate about the importance of self care, mindset and reflective practice in order to help people find ways to flourish and thrive despite the challenges and difficulties that life presents. She has a science background so likes bringing knowledge and research around positive psychology and neuroscience to her coaching but also has a creative mind so enjoys using coloured crayons, images, storywork and visioning to shake up the way we think. She is currently working on her first book, attempting to train her first dog and enjoys walking, wine and adventures of an outdoor nature.