How to Ask Great Questions…"When have you been Brave?”

Before Covid-19, it was the norm to talk to people about what they've been doing, where they've been etc. But the longer we are not going out and doing things, the harder it is to have those conversations.

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Kim Morgan

CEO, Barefoot Coaching Ltd

With 25 years’ experience working in the coaching industry, I have seen what it takes to create great leaders, engaged individuals, successful teams and outstanding organisations. I believe in the power of coaching for everyone, from CEOs to parents and families. I am a practicing coach, trainer of coaches and coaching supervisor, a keynote speaker, an author and Psychologies Magazine columnist.


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over 1 year ago

Loved this Kim; made me think about when I was brave and how brave am I being now? Will certainly use some good questions in my comms going forward furing lock-down. Hope you are all safe and well. db x