Dig For Victory - Growing salads in small spaces.

Simple steps to growing food. This video looks at how anyone can grow a little bit food in small pots or window boxes.

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Growing food in these challenging times has so many benefits!

We have loads of free videos and content helping everyone grow food. 

Join us and start growing food today.


What’s happening?

Over the next eight weeks we are producing a video diary offering simple steps on how to grow your own food. This series is free to watch and gives people who have never grown food step by step instructions on how to transform a small balcony or a lawn into a place where you can learn, get your hands in the soil, grow your very own food and have some fun.

Dig for Victory playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playli...

Dig for Victory facebook group

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/994843203997763/?tn-str=*F

 One minute promo explaining the series - https://youtu.be/XPZQI4Qa5Y0

 Video 1  – The project plan in more detail  - https://youtu.be/3IjWYv81bvU

Video 2 – Weeding and composting - https://youtu.be/mdyJgesTjYQ

Video 3 – Sowing seeds - https://youtu.be/XXcP7jjin6E

Video 4 – Sowing seeds in trays - https://youtu.be/gQDaN0MF8Ro


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Daniel Dobbie

Video producer / Veg Grower / Community film maker, Angelfish films

We like helping other people to grow their own food, connecting more with nature and themselves.