What is Dig for Victory?

What’s happening? Over the next eight weeks we are producing a video diary offering simple steps on how to grow your own food. Join us on facebook or youtube in the links below for loads of video and free content on how best to grow food in these challenging times.

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Why should I grow my own food?

Health. Growing food is good for our mental and physical health. Working with your hands in the fresh air is great for the body and the mind. Connecting to nature and the earth is very grounding!

Making food. As we have all learnt in the past few weeks our food supply chain is very fragile. In these challenging times it makes perfect sense to reduce our reliability on the very delicate food chain.

Sickness and Isolation. Growing food means people can stay at home for longer, eat their own food, have something fun to do and reduce their contact with others.

Supporting the local economy. Growing foods means we can give food to friends, reduce spending and contribute to building local community and economies.

Money. It's good for the bank balance. With so many people out of work growing food makes perfect sense.

Education. It is far easier to engage and educate children and young adults when you are working with your hands.

Everyone can grow food. We are not saying that food is going to run out but having a few salads and edibles in your garden or windowsill is a brilliant idea! Everyone can enjoy creating stuff that they can actually see grow, nurture and eat! 

Video 1  – The project plan in more detail  - https://youtu.be/3IjWYv81bvU

 Video 2 – Weeding and composting - https://youtu.be/mdyJgesTjYQ

Video 3 – Sowing seeds - https://youtu.be/XXcP7jjin6E 

Video 4 – Sowing seeds in trays - https://youtu.be/gQDaN0MF8Ro 


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Daniel Dobbie

Video producer / Veg Grower / Community film maker, Angelfish films

We like helping other people to grow their own food, connecting more with nature and themselves.