How to innovate your business while working from home.

This week we are joined by Rachel Bye from a contemporary fashion brand. Although not historically a bricks and mortar fashion store, Rachel is in the midst of navigating and reshaping a young business in this turbulent time and has generously offered to share her thinking with us.

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This week Rachel Bye from a leading contemporary fashion label joins Polly Downes and Barry Ennis to share tips, thinking and insights into how to shape your business in these unprecedented times.

The Chancellor of The Exchequer has recently offered businesses and employees what seem like endless bags of money and support, and now as the reality of these schemes are sinking in we take a look at how to pivot, flex, and rapidly evolve your business in these unprecedented times.

Topics discussed are:

Customers and how to support them.
Managing overheads
Being creative with your business

And the top take-aways today are:

- Ask customers how they would like to communicate with you.
- A phone call might be better.
- Send gratitude to your customers and the amazing people out there.
- Demonstrate your values over your value.
- Stay humble.
- Honesty is best in delivering difficult news.
- What's your 'once a week' product or service?
- What new markets have emerged for you since Covid19?
- Allow ideas to be shared by everyone from stockroom to boardroom.
- Mix it up in a mixed digital pod.
- Now is a great time to make mistakes so be brave and try something new.
- Bounce ideas off others to stay creative.
- Switch off your Zoom camera when showering.
- Listen and learn from what other industries and sectors are doing.
- Express yourself don't repress yourself.
- Share inadequacy as well as brilliance.
- Know who your supporters are and look after them.
- Get back to your basic values.
- Be brave and take a creative risk.
- Now is the time to try new things.

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