How to share your home as workspace while working from home.

In the first of the Wake Up to WFH webinar series I talk to Nikki Peterson (Commercial Director at Psychologies Magazine) and Polly Downes (Creative Leadership Coach) about managing boundaries, time and expectations of others while working from home with others.

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How to work from home (WFH) and share work space with family, animals and housemates.

These are unprecedented times. We are experiencing radical and rapid change to the very fabric of our everyday lives. Every day at 5pm we are given a new assignment by the government in which we must all wake up, listen and act to the most serious advice and instruction.

From today, every Monday at 10am GMT we will come together and create 30 minutes of space to connect, think, and figure out some of these challenges.

As we all embark on a prolonged period of Working From Home, our Wake Up Webinars will provide expert practical experience, advice and support to the very real challenges we face.

Each week I will be joined by experienced coaches, practitioners, business leaders and employees and together we will share and discuss our insights, tips and techniques on a specific topic.

And through a series of live polls and Q&A you will also be able to join in the discussion and share your experience.

The Wake Up Method takes personal and professional development beyond a focus on Self. We champion everyone to be in a positive relationship with them selves, and also with their sense of community and most importantly our shared environment. Planet Earth.

This week I am joined by Nikki Peterson and Polly Downes and we will be getting our heads around how we can effectively Work From Home with the additional challenge of having family, housemates and animals in our new office.

Nikki is Commercial Director for Psychologies Magazine with the responsibility for all ad revenue. She also an ICF personal & exec coach and as of last week, has shared responsibilities for home schooling her two girls aged 8 & 10 with her now out of work (chef) husband.

Polly is an ICF executive coach who does 1:1 as well as group coaching work with parents. She’s divorced and therefore a single mum of 3 teenagers(ish) and one dog. Starting home Schooling from today....
Our topics are:

Boundaries, Presentation, Home Schooling and Presenteeism.

Thank you so much to Nikki and to Polly for genrously offering their time and wisdom today. Your massive smiles are much needed.

And thank you to all of you that registered and participated today. It's an amazing feeling creating a new community with you.

I am back next Monday at 10 with 2 brilliant guests where we will be thinking about how to flex, pivot and evolve your business fast in this changing environment.

If you have any questions in the meantime email me at or search online for The Wake Up Method.

Stay positive and have a wonderful week.

Barry Ennis PCC

Founder & Creative Leadership Coach, The Wake Up Method

I am obsessed with communication. How we do it, why we do it, when it goes wrong and when it goes right. Humans and the spaces between them are what keep me alive. Coaching is Relationships. We are Relationships. I firmly believe that, by keeping things simple and intuitive is what makes for great work. My approach is to encourage self awareness from the people I work with. I foster an environment where positive, healthy, compassionate challenge is possible. ICF PCC accredited, student of Transactional Analysis and life long learner. Behind me is a 15 year career in TV Production. Back then, my big goal was to work for the biggest show in the world, so that's what I did. Big and spectacular was important to me then. I understand what it is to have a burning gut of ambition. I then realised in 2016 why I did a BA in Communications. I then added a Foundation to Counselling Diploma to my tool box, and the learning journey continues.