7,11 technique

A simple breathing technique to help relieve anxiety, stress & worries.

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In these current times I know there are lots of people feeling very stressed and anxious this is a simple breathing technique that calms you down and helps relieve anxiety and stress. Once you've  mastered it you can use it any where, it's simple and a strategy that you can use anytime you need it.  It's also useful to use at night time if you are having trouble sleeping. This is something that you can do to help manage those unwanted thoughts and anxieties. 

Each week I will share something that I hope helps in these unusual times 

Julie Hickton

Managing Director , Natures Coaching Ltd

With over 25 years working with people and organisations as an executive coach, HR Director and mum, I have an excellent understanding of people and what they need to enable them to reach their full potential and have high levels of psychological wellbeing. We all have the ability to develop and grow, coaching provides an excellent opportunity to support individuals and teams achieve their aspirations and raise their levels of happiness. Interested in reading more about who I am and how I work......http://www.naturescoaching.co.uk/julie_hickton. Trained as an executive coach, therapeutic coach, team coach, thinking partner. Expertise and trained in; positive psychology, emotional intelligence, compassion and self compassion, various psychometric tools, NLP and therapeutic coaching.