6 tips for effective delegation

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking our way is the only way to achieve a great result. There is rarely only one way and when new approaches are tried innovation can often flourish. This video suggests six tips that can help improve your skill of delegation.

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Delegation doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Some people find it hard to ‘let go’ because they think that they are the only one who can get the job done. A frequent concern is that it will take too long to explain how to do something – and then you end up doing the task yourself.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking our way is the only way to achieve a great result. In business and life, there is rarely only one way, and innovation often flourishes when new approaches are tried. The good news is that it is entirely possible to learn how to delegate effectively.

Here are six tips to try:

  1. Nobody can do it all. Everyone has limits. If you fail to acknowledge yours, you will burn out. Maybe not tomorrow and maybe not even next year, but the stress and pressure of trying to do it all will get you eventually.

  2. Start small. Delegation is a skill and learning it needs patience, persistence and practice. Start by giving away small, uncomplicated tasks. As your confidence grows so will your willingness to delegate more.

  3. Focus on the vital few not the trivial many. How do you spend your time? Are all those tasks necessary? Should you do them or is someone else better placed? Where can you add value? Now find your focus and decide what is critical for you to do.

  4. Usually there is more than one way. It is tempting to think our way is the only way. More often there are different ways to achieve the same excellent result. Delegation can fall at the first hurdle if we fail to realise this.

  5. Be clear and specific about the tasks you wish to delegate. This is not about dumping on someone else. Be considerate and offer guidance or a period of transition to enable a successful outcome.

  6. Appreciate accomplishment. You might be bored with organising the juggling annual conference, but if one of your colleagues has never done it, the challenge can be exciting, invigorating, and motivating.

Effective delegation frees up your time and allows you to focus where you can add value. It also gives the people you work with the chance to grow their skills and abilities. And the better matched people are with the tasks that need to be done, the greater the opportunity for personal development as well as organisational growth.

Beverly Landais PCC

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