How your human design can help you!

When I first heard about Human Design I was skeptical, but when I looked into it I was amazed at it's accuracy and have since found understanding my human design super helpful in carving out a career I love.

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In this video I share how understanding not only my human design, but my friends, family and colleagues too, has had a positive impact on my life and work.

You can find out your Human Design here:
Here's is a YouTube account where you can get more information on what your design means:

Kia Cannons

Creative Coach, Happiness Expert and Happy Hacks Columnist for Psychologies Magazine

Kia teaches creative women how to do what they love via talks, and her online group coaching membership, Untold Happiness. Deeply interested in mindset mastery, habits, inner-soul work, and purpose, Kia coaches women how to step into their potential, do what they love and live truly happy and fulfilled lives.