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This week join Kia to start to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

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In this week's video Kia gives you a few pointers on discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

There are many ways of doing this and a great way to start is by gathering any old reviews, psychometric tests and feedback from teachers and the work place and look for reoccurring themes.

The next step is to email say, 10 of your close friends, family and colleagues or people who have witnessed you in a 'work' type situation and ask them if they could help you out quickly. 

Maybe say as part of a productivity course, one of the instructors gave you an assignment today which is to ask you: 

What do you see as my Unique Capability? (What do I naturally do better than most people?)

..and give them a date you ideally need the answer back by (a couple of weeks is a good idea).

When you get the results back, look for the patterns. What main themes keep coming up. 

Combine the data and write out a couple of sentences to sum up your zone of genius.

Well done! 

As always write your findings in your journal and come back next week to build on this work.


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Got questions? Simply drop me a line at I'd love to hear from you.

Kia Cannons

Creative Coach, Happiness Expert and Happy Hacks Columnist for Psychologies Magazine

Kia teaches creative women how to do what they love via talks, and her online group coaching membership, Untold Happiness. Deeply interested in mindset mastery, habits, inner-soul work, and purpose, Kia coaches women how to step into their potential, do what they love and live truly happy and fulfilled lives.