Video: Meet your 'How to Achieve Your Goals' course leader

Meet Magdalena Bak-Maier, productivity expert, neuroscientist and your course leader, for this exciting 30-day online course to help you achieve your goals. Plus, try Day 1 of the course for free now!

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Are you ready to achieve your goals once and for all? Meet Magdalena Bak-Maier; your coach, expert and course leader on the 'How to Achieve Your Goals' 30-day online course. Using key neuroscientific research and psychological insights Magdalena leads you through the course day-to-day, using her specially designed Grid system to help you be more productive, more balanced and more inspired across every area of your life in order to accomplish your goals!

Excited? You should be! Magdalena has worked with NASA – and now she’s here, ready to coach you from the comfort of your own home, in order for you to achieve your ultimate potential. Try the first day of the course for FREE here.

Limited offer: Buy the full 30-day programme for a one-off payment of £47 (usually £97) now.

Suzy Walker

Editor of Psychologies, Psychologies

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Go to the profile of Maureen Slaven
over 4 years ago

I signed up to this course in answer to the advert for the 'Free course'. Now I'm being asked to pay. What's going on?

Go to the profile of Ellen Tout
over 4 years ago

Hi Maureen. To access the free course you need to follow the URL featured in the magazine, which isn't this course. It will take you to a free version of this course, available here: https://lifelabs.psychologies....

Go to the profile of Ellen Tout
over 4 years ago

If you email then we can give you the correct URL.