Understanding Ego Depletion

Self Regulation Series: Think less 'willpower' and more 'managing my depleted moments'. An intro to the concept of Ego Depletion...

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So let's stop thinking in terms of 'willpower' and start thinking about times when we are more likely to be depleted. Then we can start planning and preparing for these moments, so they don't catch us by surprise, and we can handle them in the best way possible. Next time, practical tips for managing depleted moments, which I use with my clients.

p.s. the post I'm referring back to is here: www.instagram.com/mayagudka 

Maya Gudka, Executive Coach, London Business School

Executive Coach & Facilitator; Positive Psychology Practitioner & Researcher; , YourPlate; London Business School

I use evidence-based Positive Psychology approaches, as well as years of Economics Consulting experience to access the right level of breadth and depth for each client on their personal and professional journey. I am one half of YourPlate, which uses strengths and personality based approaches to make lasting shifts in Nutrition and Health behaviours, with a fortnightly podcast where Nutrition meets Positive Psychology. I coach and facilitate on Leadership Programmes for London Business School Executives and am currently researching Leader Development.