5 ways to stay motivated

In this FB Live, I talk about 5 ways that I stay motivated as a business owner who works from home

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I love FB Lives, they're super easy to do and fun too! 

I'm going to be creating and sharing lots more useful videos here on LifeLabs. So watch this space :)

If you've decided to leave your corporate career behind and start your own business (especially if it's a coaching business and you're on a coaching certification track) then I would love to help you make your dream a profitable reality.

I host a private FB Group for coaches who love mindset work, and who are interested in tapping, money mindset and business strategies. I'd love you to join me and the other coaches and therapists in the group: Click HERE to go right to it.

Today's video is a FB Live I did about the 5 ways that I stay motivated. As a coach who works from home, I know all too well how hard it can be to keep going and to show up when things don't seem to be working.

When I first left the law I was full to the brim with optimism and excitement. I had it all planned out and I was going to be a huge success... overnight too... I just felt it.

Well, it didn't quite work out that way. 

Over the years I've developed several strategies for building a business, maintaining momentum and staying motivated.

Here are a few of my favourites for motivation:

  1. Exercise and fresh air - this is crucial. Staying healthy is a sure fire way to beat the blues, to stay motivated and to fill your body with happy hormones that keep your mind and body in tip top shape.
  2. Scents / fragrance / essential oils / perfume - I love fragrance! I burn scented candles, use essential oils, spritz my favourite perfume. There are so many ways that you can add fragrance to your home and working environment that will keep your mood and motivation high! Awakens your olfactory senses!
  3. I support my business friends - there is a saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. I love this because it speaks directly to this motivation piece. By supporting my business friends I am building long lasting relationships that lift everyone. 
  4. Tracking - I track everything in my business. You can't see where you're going if you don't know where you've been. So often I've heard business owners saying they aren't getting any traction and that their posts or content isn't reaching their ideal clients. But the truth is they aren't tracking the numbers so they actually don't know the facts. Track everything and you'll see so much to be motivated about. Every single improvement, no matter how small, is cause for celebration. You have to be tracking in order to see them.
  5. Water - Oh my goodness, I cannot emphasise enough just how crucial your water intake is. If you want to happy, healthy brain that is a true high performer, then you have to keep it hydrated. Get drinking that water!

Now it's your turn, what are you top motivation tips!!

Jane Rapin ACC

Business & Personal Coach | Lawyer, Jane Rapin ~ https://www.facebook.com/janerapincoach

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over 2 years ago

Thank you for the tracking tip! Going to try it👍

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over 2 years ago

You’re welcome! Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions. :)