You'll Find Your Tribe When You Allow Yourself To Be You

It is only whilst being a part of this competition that I have truly started to own the part of myself that wants to shine in this way. That wants to be brave and loud about how I feel about the world and humanity. Owning this part of myself has felt so utterly liberating. Not only because it has connected me so much more deeply to who I really am, but because of the extraordinary people it is drawing into my life. Only love, Sian xxx

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Sian Clifford

Founder, Still Space

Hello hello! I'm Sian Clifford. Utterly overwhelmed, delighted and excited to have been shortlisted for the Hay House and Psychologies 'New Wise Voice' competition! If you enjoy my content I would be so super grateful for your votes - just click the 'VOTE UP' button on any (or all if you're feeling particularly generous!) of my posts. You can also follow me to keep up to date with all my latest blogs. I am the founder of Still Space, dedicated to connecting people to their best, most authentic and creative selves through meditation and the art of doing nothing! I am also an actor, writer and producer. I am deeply passionate about finding new ways to be my best self, because I believe if you want to change the world that's where you've got to start! I think humans are amazing, more powerful and kinder than we could ever truly comprehend. I believe in less doing more being, but that's not always an easy balance to find. So I'm here to share my adventures along the way because I believe the most important lessons that we're here to learn, are also what we're here to teach, and the power of storytelling is one of the most incredible tools we have to connect with one another. To discover. To evolve. To heal. If you're reading this I believe you're part of a movement so big, it's going to change the face of humanity. Let's swap some tales. I LOVE pictures too, so Instagram is one of my fave hangouts. You can find me on @stillspacemeditation


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over 5 years ago
Orion Foxwood likes to describe those in-between-tribes times as "Divine Discontent" and I can see why! Ironically I have at this point left all the spiritual communities I purposely moved here to participate in... not that I regret it! But when it is done (for now, not necessarily forever) it feels very natural internally. Just woke up one year and I was done. All those related books are suddenly unreadable and being sold to the used bookstore. All the conventions and e-lists? UGH. All the community squabbles? So far behind me like a bad roadside diner.
But now I have good memories from those times, a few true friends, & excitement daring to envision a whole new (visual arts) community in a whole new city. I have the chance to see myself so differently - not to ditch the past so much as become more, bigger, shining, doing the 'One Thing' you spoke of in the other video. The One Thing (among many) that *most* makes me feel alive. Pretty sure we knew more about what made us feel alive back at age 4. I am surrounded by loved ones faced with illness and death, and realized I just need to give myself permission to do that One Thing (art) that has always been living within, and I have to leave the house and do it with other humans too. Dammit!