Self awareness is THE key to happiness!

All the answers you seek are inside you, sometimes you just need a little help to find them :)

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Psychologies and Hay House ran a competition in January 2016 to find the wisest new voice for 2016. We have now shortlisted our favourite five entrants. We were looking for a fresh and distinctive voice with a relevant message for our current times. If you enjoyed Pinky's entry then please vote.

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Pinky Jangra

Founder, Pinky and Her Brain - Life Lessons

Pinky Jangra is on a mission to help people to become more self-aware and learn to take care of their emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Although we don’t get taught these things at school, Pinky believes that they are absolutely paramount to our success, happiness and fulfilment in life. Being self-aware not only allows us to tune into this wonderful universe and experience life to its fullest, it also leaves us well equipped to handle any challenges that inevitably come our way. Pinky teaches through multiple mediums including blogs, videos, live workshops and events and she even draws cartoons - Mr Stick is one her most popular creations! Her experience, knowledge and inspiration come from everyday life, 10 years (and counting) of personal growth and her work and study in behavioural and biological science. She really believes that all the answers about our lives are already inside us! Sometimes, we just need a little help to find them :)


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Vineet Bhatia over 4 years ago

You are great Pinky. I wish I had a friend like you :)

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Pinky Jangra over 4 years ago

Heeeheee thanks darling. Maybe one day you'll have a friend like me! :-p xxx

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Vik Thakar over 4 years ago

Amazing work please keep it up
Good luck