Overwhelmed at work? Go find a tree at lunch and come back calmer.

Discover how communing with a tree can help you gain clarity, as well as some interesting tree truths and reasons why it is beneficial for us to deepen our connection with them.

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On private 1-2-1 retreats I often take my clients into the woods and to other magical places in nature to help them ground, rebalance and learn how to 'go within' for guidance.  The trees are so great at helping us to relax and feel supported by something more than ourselves.

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Jayne Morris

Founder & Director, Balanceology Global

Jayne Morris is the author of 'Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success', Huffington Post contributor, former resident NHS Online Life Coach and regular BBC Radio/TV and Sky TV guest. She has been featured in many national and international publications on the topics of burnout, stress and wellbeing. Jayne lives with her husband and two children near Bristol, UK and offers in-person and online coaching. She currently heads up Marketing, Events and Wellbeing Programmes for Belmont Estate, Bristol. Previously she managed 42 Acres retreat centre near Frome and ran retreats for Lucknam Park Spa, Bath. She creates bespoke individual and group retreats hosted in specially selected venues in the UK and abroad. Jayne works differently to other coaches because she blends coaching with integrative art psychotherapy, martial arts and energy management. Her unique energy alignment process helps you reconnect to your power, passions and purpose.