Why Wait Until Tomorrow (or 1st January) To Be Happy?

Day ONE of 31 Life Changing Thoughts

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For the first of my 31 Life Changing Thoughts I am diving right in with the biggest of all!!

Why put off 'till tomorrow what you can do today? 

If I told you that you could win the lottery today, would you say "actually, no, I'll win it on January the first instead please"? No, I didn't think so.

But that's exactly what people do when they think about making changes in their life or business. They choose the New Year as their start date for no good reason other than habit. 

Here's what tends to happen... you get to the end of September, you review your year to date. You see that there are only 3 months of the year left. You see the shortfall, the missed opportunities the half-assed goals, the lacklustre results over the past 9 months. You resolve to BE different. You decide to change things. You punch the air and say "I can do this!"

And then you say "let's get to the end of the year..."

You see, when people aren't very happy with what they see they get excited and motivated to make changes. This is GOOD!

THEN they look at their calendar for a suitable start date. This is BAD!

THEN they find reasons and excuses to delay the changes. They look for a way to coast to the end of the year so that they can start with a bang on January 1st.

They create a hidden agenda that says "the new year is the best time to make change, the new year is when I will have the most motivation and the greatest chance of achieving success". Their success becomes contingent upon January 1st.

BUT why would you want to carry on with things as they are if you aren't actually happy? Why would you wait until January 1st?

If you aren't happy, every day is a fresh new start. A year is just 365 days grouped together under one heading 2017, 2018, 2019... Who says you can't start a new year, make a fresh start, change your life TODAY? 

What ONE thing can you do today to begin the change, to move closer to your dream, to create a fresh start?

Here are 10 examples:

  1. Reach out to a prospective client
  2. Start reading a new book
  3. Sign up for a new course
  4. Apply for a new job
  5. Ask for a raise at work
  6. Open a savings account and set up a direct transfer each month
  7. Create an appointment in your calendar to read to your kids very single day
  8. Join a dating site
  9. Send a thank you card
  10. Put fresh fruit and vegetables in your shopping trolley instead of cakes and biscuits

Changing the course of your life or business doesn't call for grand gestures or huge plans. Change begins with one small step. It's easier to take the first step today, than to put it off until the New Year.

Jane Rapin ACC

Holistic Business Coach | Energy & Intuition | Crystal, Reiki & Bio-Energy Practitioner | Channel | Employment Lawyer, Jane Rapin ~ Soul*Spirit*Boss ~ https://www.facebook.com/janerapincoach

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