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Do you think your relationship is worth fighting for? Why Psychologies editor Suzy Greaves believes in the 'How to Save Your Relationship' online course

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Editor of Psychologies Suzy Greaves introduces the 'How to Save Your Relationship' 30-day online course. Find out why she believes in it and how it could help you save your relationship.

Want to see if this course could work for you? Try the first three days of the course now for free here.

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Suzy Walker

Editor of Psychologies, Psychologies

I am proud to be editor of Psychologies, a magazine that champions, challenges and coaches us to think differently so we can solve our own problems and create a life that nourishes us. Author of Making The Big Leap and The Big Peace, Suzy believes that the secret to happiness is living life to the full right here, right now, committing to a few goals now and again and taking Oscar, the Psychologies dog for a walk round the field when it all gets a bit too much.


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almost 6 years ago
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over 5 years ago
Looking forward to trying the new course. x