On how we keep balance at all times for mastery and powerful creation.

This is a FB live session I did on the art of overcoming polarity. Meaning, how can we avoid being victim to our emotions and emotional states but act from a balanced, wise place at all times. This helps us become powerful masters at creation.

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Maiken Piil

Coach, advice and teach on conscious leadership, spiritual intelligence and personal transformation, Rise Within

I love exploring consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. And I believe in the transformational power of inner truth. In my work, I teach about consciousness and how we can grow the power and capacity of our inner ressources. I work with people, who wishes to come into greater balance and harmony by exploring their authentic self and deeper truth. I support my clients in their healing, to expand their thinking and step into the power of their spiritual truth to be of service to others. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?