What Does Power Mean To Me?

How powerful do you feel when you're alone in the dark?

Sep 10, 2014
This month Psychologies Magazine is inviting us to explore what power means. In this video psychologist, author, speaker and doodler Dr Nina Burrowes gives her answer.

Dr Nina Burrowes

The Cartooning Psychologist, -

I'm a psychologist who uses cartoons to help people understand themselves and others. I use my cartoons to start the conversations we're afraid to have, to help people understand the things about themselves that they normally try to avoid, and to celebrate the best things about being human. You can find out more about my work at www.ninaburrowes.com or follow me @NinaBurrowes


Suzy Walker almost 5 years ago

I love this. Thank you for your wisdom. X

Janice Taylor almost 5 years ago

Interesting to consider our power when we are 'alone, naked and in the dark', I guess in those moments we have 'nowhere else to go'. Have shared this on LinkedIn and Twitter.