Why do we get jealous in relationships and how to stop it!

Kelly Pretty our Soulmate Strategist and Love Mentor talks about her addiction to jealousy and how to overcome it. Do you get jealous in your relationship with your partner? Do you wish you could stop? Do you worry that they are going to find someone better or look out for them admiring others? Well if you do this is the video for you!!!

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Kelly Pretty

Soulmate Strategist and Love Mentor , Kelly Pretty

Soulmate Strategist, Love Mentor and Speaker helping you to create the relationship and life of your dreams.


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about 3 years ago

Hi Kelly, thanks for the video! I am the jealous type and it's been two years now I work on it constantly, as I am in a healthy relationship. My partner is very honest and loving, so I know the change needs to come from me. I managed to improve a bit, but the feeling is still there when I see him just looking (or is he really looking?) at a beautiful woman in the street for instance. However after a few minutes I manage to shake it off and get back to my normal self.  
My main challenge is when sometimes I doubt of the relationship, or we have a a down moment, I convince myself that he would be better with someone else. And I imagined who: a few years ago (I didn't know him then) he was very close friend with a woman, and he told me she was actually his first love. I checked her up on Facebook, and she just looks amazing, like adventurous, happy, smily, beautiful woman that I can totally imagine him with. She is also from the same country than him, while I am not and not sure I want to go live in his country. I know that she lives there now, and I am just convincing myself that he is going to finish with her. After all how many stories end up with two young loves falling back into each other arms after years not seeing each other? I wouldn't be surprised.
I know he hasn't communicated with her since he started his relationship with me. He never talks about her unless I bring her up (I create my own misery), but I saw a warm light in his eyes when I mentioned her. I'm so jealous! Obviously they are made for each other when I really think about it. They both have a strong sense of humour (I looked at the messages they wrote to each other a long time ago), they both love the place they grew up at and might want to live there - and I dont even know this place. Also I am definitely not the adventurous independent cool type like her. I dont even know her but she looks so much like that. It makes me feel shit. What could I do? 
Thanks for reading :)