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Could more balanced news coverage - including constructive as well as negative stories - be not only more inspiring but also a more accurate reflection of reality?

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We take a moment to look at the information diet we are consuming and the consequence this has on our wellbeing.
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Jodie Jackson

Constructive Journalism, Positive psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching

I believe that we all have an exciting potential to contribute to our own wellbeing as well as others around us. With a few simple tips and know how, we can have greater mastery over the direction of our lives and take greater pleasure in the adventure. Join me on this journey as I share with you the things that I am thinking, writing, reading and watching and welcome your thoughts too!


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Suzy Walker almost 5 years ago

I love this film. Thank Jodie for posting it. x

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Jodie Jackson almost 5 years ago

Thanks Suzy :) x