Live Comedy Presents... Katie Mulgrew

Watch a clip from Katie Mulgrew's 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show, 'Happily Ever After'.

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Katie Mulgrew kinda thinks she’s a real life Disney princess. She even found her Prince Charming and married him in a massive frock. Now according to Disney philosophy, she’s found her happily ever after. Brilliant! NOW BLOODY WHAT? Apart from her imaginary princess duties, Katie is a lovably witty comic who can be seen on the CBBC show The Dog Ate My Homework. Katie has also been featured on the BBC Radio 2 documentary series The History of British Comedy, and hosts The FunnyGirl Podcast where she enthusiastically discusses Musicals with guest comedians. Providing regular support at shows for Lee Nelson, Matt Richardson and The Boy with Tape on his Face, this quirky, Lancashire native has quickly established herself as an emerging talent on the live stage. Happily Ever After is the follow up to Katie's debut Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Your Dad's Not Funny and may contain high levels of optimism, cynicism and some foul-mouthed enchanted objects. You have been warned. ---Katie Mulgrew takes her show Happily Ever After to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, performing at the Gilded Balloon Turret. Info and tickets at