3 Steps to Connect with Your Inner Power - The Feminine Way

In this video I talk about how we can tune into our inner power by: - Starting a mindset detox - Inner critic vs the wisest version of ourselves - The female cycle as a tool to improve performance, well-being and fulfillment.

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If you're interested in this topic I'm hosting an online workshop on this topic on the 11th of October, you can find all the details here!

Verónica Moreno

Shamanic Energy Healer | Theta Healer | Humanistic Therapist | Life & Career Coach | Personal & Spiritual Development, www.veronica-moreno.com


My name is Verónica Moreno and I am a Shamanic Energy Healer, Theta Healer and Humanistic Integrative Therapist.

In these times of chaos, crisis and despair, I see a huge opportunity for deep healing, personal transformation and soul evolution.

I have a unique approach being trained in different psychological and energy healing modalities.

Unlike in normal therapy we won’t just talk about your problems again and again. This a first step, and it is wonderful to gain awareness, but to get effective results we need to go deeper.

With Theta Healing we will access the subconscious mind, and the Shamanic techniques I offer will work on removing negative imprints from your energy field. They are incredibly powerful techniques that will help you achieve a deep and effective transformation.

So if you feel that you are ready to go within, release and heal all the blocks, beliefs, programs and traumas that are no longer serving you…

If you want to start manifesting your soul’s purpose and highest destiny…

If you want to feel truly empowered and in control of your life and the reality you experience…

The journey starts here and now!

I offer 1:1 sessions, packages and online programs for different budgets and preferences.

Have a look at www.veronica-moreno.com

Or email me at hello@veronica-moreno.com and  Let's have a chat to discover how I can help you.