Release And Transform with Ana Forrest

This short Online Yoga class is perfect for busy, stressed-out folks who have just a few minutes to spare to release their stress and transform their day.

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Ana Forrest is one of the world's top yoga teachers and Founder of Forrest Yoga. Ana Forrest introduces a revolutionary new way to move. She shows the Forrest yoga methods of releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, soothing stressed minds, building core strength and improving lower back strength. All in this short practice. Curious? We were and were blown away with Ana’s short but effective sequence. Perfect for all the game-changers out there. Suitable for all levels, not suitable for during pregnancy.

Kat Farrants

Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, Movement for Modern Life

Kat Farrants, ex-city lawyer, yoga teacher, Entrepreneur and Founder of Movement for Modern Life. After a car crash and awful divorce, she became a woman on a mission. Her mission is to make movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness really easy for people, so that people can find the profound tools for wellbeing to rise through life's crises, challenges and start to thrive. She teams up with only the very best yoga teachers on her platform, Movement for Modern Life, to provide beautifully curated video content and transformational courses , produced and directed by a team of yogi film-makers to help transform people's lives.