Welcome to the year of being the best version of yourself.

Hello there, 2018 is starting in an exciting way with the Life Leap Club! I'm delighted to be part of the psychologies ambassador group, so thought I'd put on my brave pants and share my first vlog with you all. Have a brilliant year ahead. Julie-Ann

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Julie-Ann Murphy

Head of HR Change and Communications in the financial services industry. Instagram working mum micro blogger - @workingsupermum. Self taught lover of self care, positive psychology and micro change.

Precariously balancing the mummy bit, the working bit and the me bit, busting anxiety as I go. Corporate career in HR change and communications; 'self taught' micro-change, self care, wellness and positive psychology dabbler.


Go to the profile of Sarah Baird (Sassy B)
about 4 years ago

Lovely to see your lovely face!  Have the best year yet x

Go to the profile of Carol Powell
about 4 years ago

I love this Julie, would be great for us all to meet up one day. I have also suffered with anxiety for most of my life, and like you have found ways to manage this, and now work with children to equip them with the same tools. Happy 2018 xxx

Go to the profile of Madina Claudia
about 4 years ago

Julie Ann this is lovely! So excited about the upcoming months and your blog. Xx

Go to the profile of Sarah Thornton
about 4 years ago

Brave pants indeed!  Huge congratulations Julie-Anne xx