Why we need to STOP asking "Can Women Have It All?"

Amanda Alexander interviews Kristen Pressner, VP & Head of HR for Roche Diagnostics EMEA & Latin America and mother of 4 - a woman who appears to "have it all". Does Kristen "have it all"? Can any woman "have it all"? And why are we still asking this question?

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Amanda Alexander of www.amandaalexander.com interviews Kristen Pressner, Head of HR for Roche Diagnostics Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, mother of 4 and champion of empowering ALL women to step into leadership. In this interview, Kristen shares: * Why she doesn't believe that we should even be asking "have it all" question any more * What we need to be asking ourselves instead of "can women have it all?" * How to let go of "mommy guilt" (or any other guilt!) * The danger of making assumptions when planning your career path * Why having a career you love and having a family don't have to be mutually exclusive * The trade-offs we DO have to make - and how to make those decisions * Why she doesn't believe it's possible to have 2 equally high-flying careers in one family! Our aim with this interview is to help you to "let go" of the notion that you need to "do, be and have it all" and to encourage you to design your life and career purposefully and in a way that makes you feel comfortable with your choices. My interview with Kristen is approx. 20 minutes long. If you want to hear more from Kristen, you can subscribe to my "Inspiring Women Interviews" podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Or, download and listen to the podcast via my website here: http://amandaalexander.com/podcast/01-kristen-pressner/ If you enjoy this interview, please help us reach more women by sharing with your social networks and voting up! Finally, I'd love to know - Do YOU think it's time we STOPPED asking "Can Women Have It All?" Have your say in the comments below!

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Go to the profile of Clemens Frede
about 6 years ago
Thank you for sharing this great talk! I've always wondered why women put the pressure on themselves to 'have it all'. It's important to set priorities and make yourself happy rather than meet some social standard or expectation. I loved that you also touched on all the factors you can be grateful for, such as a supportive husband. It definitely helps that social standards are slowly shifting and men can be "stay-at-home-dads", too.
Go to the profile of Kristen Pressner
about 6 years ago
Thanks for your comment Clemens. I couldn't agree more that not only does the conversation for women need to shift, the conversation and expectations of men do too! It wasn't an easy path for my husband to choose to be a 'stay at home dad', given societal expectations. Thanks for watching and thanks for your comment!
Go to the profile of Sofia Platero
about 6 years ago
this is a very inspiring video !!!! Thanks