Five ways to boost your creativity

I've written two psychological suspense novels, The Missing One and most recently The Other Child. Over the past five years of writing these novels, I've learned a thing or two about how to maximise my own creativity. In this video I talk about validation, curiosity, bravery, acceptance, space - and why watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn't always a total waste of time.

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Five ways to help your creative project come to fruition.

Lucy Atkins


Author of the novels The Other Child (2015), and The Missing One (2014); award winning author & feature journalist.


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over 6 years ago
I love this Lucy. Thank you. I completely agree. I think creating space for creativity is so important. I had some coaching recently and she asked me the question: when do you create space for ideas to come to you? And I realised that I needed to do more of that. x
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over 6 years ago
Thanks Suzy - & I hope you're managing (somehow) to do it! x