How Can I Learn to Look Like Myself?

Dressing authentically is an art. In this short video, I offer 3 suggestions (because there really are no rules) about how we can learn how to bring more of ourselves into our wardrobes. Which suggestion resonates most with you? (I'm all about number 3 at the moment)....Enjoy, and don't forget to leave me a comment about what you've learned about dressing like yourself.

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A light-hearted approach to how we can learn how to look more like ourselves...

Dr. Mandy Lehto

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Hey gorgeous! Have we met? I'm Dr. Mandy Lehto, speaker, coach and writer who helps amazing people get out of their own way already. Nearly ten years ago, I waved adios to my senior investment banking job in London to help as many people as possible start living their un-lived lives. Nowadays, I spend a disturbing amount of time thinking about overcoming fear and the obstacles we place in our own way (we are bizarre creatures, aren't we?). If being braver, a bit more bonkers, and living on purpose is your thing too (squeal!), lets hang out here, and come for green tea over at mine on


Go to the profile of Suzy Walker
over 6 years ago
Love it - call a truce with your body! x
Go to the profile of Sandra Snowdon
over 6 years ago
That was fab. Thankyou for helping me feel some excitement again with my inner diva x
Go to the profile of Dr. Mandy Lehto
over 6 years ago
You're welcome Sandra Snowdon! Get your gorgeousness out there into the world!