365 Days of Positivity - Day 4

Hello! I am on a journey of recovery from 5 heart attacks. I live my life with a tinge of depression (I guess living with a potentially fatal heart condition will do that to you!) So, do all I can every morning to set my mind to 'positive' to help me have a better day. Please join me on my daily journey for 365 Days. Sally Bee x

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“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. You just have to take the first step”

Sally Bee

Survivor Mentor

I'm a 5 times heart attack surviving, cookbook author, TV presenting mum of 3. I get a little bit tired sometimes, but am passionate about being positive!


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over 4 years ago

I love the idea of putting 'positive pants' on. Such a positive message. Sometimes in the morning we forget to put on that pair of pants at the back of the wardrobe we've forgotten about, those 'positive pants'. Love the message, take it easy.