Is happiness a piece of cake?

Our first Happiness Project meet-up last night and it was wonderful. Whilst I was really excited as opposed to apprehensive, I didn't have a clue what I was doing so was pretty nervous to say the least. However with a lovely group of us we talked through the article on Giving, asked each other the questions and had enjoyed our discussions so much we didn't leave for almost four hours afterward. There was a very pleasant surprise at the end of our talk on giving.

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I ought to mention this is my first EVER online video. Something I have been avoiding and avoiding. However I'm doing this for you as I feel this may better convey what we got out of our first wonderful Happiness Project meet-up.
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Marketing consultant and performance coach running a business to support individuals and SMEs in their growth and development, fundamentally to increase confidence and get a healthy work/life balance. Alongside volunteering for a number of charities, Michelle is a mum of two and an advocate of clean air and green spaces. She loves nature, photography, writing and most of all learning. "Never stop learning. If you don't think you can do it, change your mind set and at least try."


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Suzy Walker over 5 years ago

This is brilliant! Love your honesty!