How to know if you're an addict

Suzy Greaves speaks to John McKeown about how to know if you're an addict. If addiction of any kind is having a negative effect on your life, find healing, peace and strength with our partnership with Ibiza Calm. Find out more about John and Ibiza Calm here.

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Find out more about John and Ibiza Calm here.

Suzy Walker

Editor of Psychologies, Psychologies

I am proud to be editor of Psychologies, a magazine that champions, challenges and coaches us to think differently so we can solve our own problems and create a life that nourishes us. Author of Making The Big Leap and The Big Peace, Suzy believes that the secret to happiness is living life to the full right here, right now, committing to a few goals now and again and taking Oscar, the Psychologies dog for a walk round the field when it all gets a bit too much.