Death in a Nut - a version of the Scottish Folktale told in response to the film 'A Monster Calls.'

This month's Psychologies has an interview with Felicity Jones, star of 'A Monster Calls,' who says of her parents divorce, 'things don't pan out....they're not always as comfortable as they seem.' 'A Monster Calls' bears this out, 'even to the edge of doom.' The Monster is a yew tree, the tree of life and death under which I've always told the story 'Death in a Nut' which I first heard from the Scottish Traveller, Duncan Williamson.

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The story speaks for itself I hope.

'A Monster Calls' is a revelation on the theme of rage in grief. It's ruthlessly cathartic. I found it healing In the way of great myths. It helped me come to terms with some of my own destructive past. The final truth at the end is gold.

Go with a box of tissues, be prepared for a roller coaster and don't plan anything afterwards if you've just experienced a loss - it's worth it.

Xanthe Gresham Knight

Storyteller, Freelance


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Love this!