Ever Find Yourself Saying; “I’ll Be Happy When…I Have More Success...I Have More Weight Loss...I Have More Tinder Swipes

To find that when it happens, it’s never enough and you’re still left wondering; “What will make me truly happy?”

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As you take a second to ask yourself what will make YOU truly happy, let me walk you through 5 elements that helped me to find the answer to that question and show you how to find more positive evidence that leads to the right answers for you too.



In the start of the video, I share a lesson we can all learn from The Great British Bake Off winner #CandaceBrown which was inspired by watching an episode of Loose Women


Ask yourself, "When am I at my happiest and when was the last time I was doing that?"

Then ask, "How do I need to change my life to accommodate more of that right now?"

And lastly, during these past few weeks I’ve guided my clients to create more self-belief by answering these sorts of questions, and ultimately, they lend themselves to rediscovering passions.

From the breakthroughs for people who have been stuck in unhappiness cycles for years – whom could not even remember what it feels like to smile – to my gratefulness for the skills I have used to help more people find happiness and freedom, it’s been a profound few weeks.

As a life coach, these incredible breakthroughs I've witnessed also put a smile on my face, for another reason…I had so many compliments on the outfits I've been wearing at my talks!

Attendees have been telling me "That talk was so inspirational and I couldn't stop thinking about your outfit" or "Even whilst I was crying I was thinking about how much I liked the straps on your dress" and "I can't wait for your talk tomorrow and to see your outfit"

I LOVE putting an outfit together, but I'd forgotten just how much because a lot of my time is at home working 1:1 in coaching calls, so I'm in my comfys, but since you all loved seeing what I was wearing so much, I'm going to start posting my outfits in my weekly mailouts.

And this is all for ME lol! Like my outfit or loathe it, I'm doing it because I am passionate about it.

I'm indulging in my passions and I invite you to too.

Lydia Kimmerling

Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, The Happiness Explorer

Hey, I'm Lydia Kimmerling I am MAD, CRAZY, PASSIONATE about helping you to create a life you're super excited to wake up to. Being happy...ish, inspired...ish and fulfilled...ish is never quite enough, is it? When you feel like there is "more" out there for you, it's because there is. A life where you can't remember the last time you worried, stressed or doubted yourself and your friends ask you "What's your secret?" because you GLOW, SPARKLE and SHINE. That can be you and I will show you how. I got my first television job at 17, ran my own restaurant in Panama at 22, taught Hip Hop in Cornwall at 26, was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic at 28, coached CEO's on confidence at 29, then at 30 took the leap as a certified life & business coach with The International Coaching Federation to launch my very own transformational company called The Happiness Explorer. I am a master of change, so I can tell you that there is NEVER really anything to fear, but has it always been easy? NO! I have blocks, down days and self-doubt too, life doesn't stop throwing you curve balls, it's how you catch the ball and throw it back that changes. Plus, you never know until you try, right? At 32, I now know what the key is to waking up every single day excited about the life you live. It is to know yourself inside and out and to love every part of who you are.The more you know yourself, the more of you there is to love and the more you love yourself, the more you want to give yourself a life you love. The question is…What do you really want?