Does blue light affect your sleep?

Natural lifestyle coach Tony Riddle talks about how lighting affects our sleep

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"When the sun is down, we dumb down and sleeps superfood (melatonin) prepares us for healing nutritious sleep. There’s one problem that has been introduced to brighten up your day - lighting, lighting that emits blue light acts as sleeps saboteur.

The conventional lightbulb, television, smart phone, computer screen, car headlamp, street lamps all emit blue light - Your brain perceives the blue light as day light, which then cuts off the production of sleeps superfood melatonin.

I need some more of this superfood, how do I get it?"

Tony Riddle has spent the last 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principals of a natural lifestyle. Driven by fatherhood, Tony believes that his role is to embody the sustainable, natural and vibrant way of life he wishes for his children and their children to come.

Central to his continuing exploration is the question: What makes the human animal successful in the modern world?

Find out more about Tony Riddle here.

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