Here are 3 simple first steps when you want to change career

Many people have no idea what to do when they change their career. This results in them either doing nothing and sticking with a job they detest, or blindly falling into something else that is less than perfect. I interviewed Executive Coach Jennifer Baker of who shared the 3 simple steps you can take when you're looking for a career change.

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In this 12 minute interview, you'll learn the first 3 steps you must take towards a successful career change. Jennifer Baker is our masterclass expert at The Academy for Talented Women this month, where she'll be presenting a webinar on "How to Create Your Perfect Career". You can join The Academy to get access to the live and recorded webinar (and many more self-development classes!) at

Amanda Alexander

Helping extraordinary women to achieve extraordinary success since 2003, Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander is one of the UK’s Top Life Coaches; she has been helping professional women to achieve extraordinary success since 2003. She gets a bee in her bonnet when she sees brilliant women holding themselves back because of self-doubt. So she created an "Imposter Syndrome Quit Kit" to help you get out of your own way and get on with reaching your full potential! You can download a complimentary copy of Amanda’s Imposter Syndrome Quit Kit here: p.s. Let me know what you score in the Imposter Syndrome Test!