The soothing benefits of camomile for sleep

Sebastian Pole, co-founder of Pukka Herbs explains the benefits camomile for sleep and relaxation

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'One of the beautiful things about working with herbs is the way they can help our sense of wellbeing every day,' says Sebastian Pole, co-founder of Pukka Herbs. 'We all need our beauty sleep and with my own hyperactive character I had a personal need to find something that could help slow me down when the end of the day beckoned.

This is where Pukka Night Time tea came from. I knew about the soothing wonders of oatstraw flowers, and started giving it to friends after a fine meal together. I would mix it with lavender flowers and we would relax into the softness of the night. A few dinner parties and herbal tea-blend evolutions later, camomile flowers, tulsi leaf and some valerian root joined the slumber blend. Everyone loved the taste and feel so much, it made sense to blend it for the perfect night time.

The joy for me is that such beautiful plants can have such an effect. I’ve been blessed by being able to help so many people since we made this tea – people who are waking up refreshed and waking up to the wonders of organic herbs too.'

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