Happiness Clubs: Ten Keys to Happier Living

An Introduction to Action for Happiness' Ten Keys to Happier Living

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Action for Happiness' positive psychology expert, Vanessa King introduces the Ten Keys to Happier Living that we'll be exploring each month in the Happiness Clubs

Vanessa King

Action for Happinesss

I'm the lead positive psychology expert at Action for Happiness (I also lead our work with organisations). I led the development of our 10 Keys to Happier Living. Based on scientific research, each key is an area where we can take practical action in our lives to help us be happier and contribute to making a happier society. My background is in people and organisation development. When I learnt about positive psychology as a new area of research I felt it had the potential to make a big difference for people and the organisations they work in and I wanted to learn more. So I took the leap and went to study with Martin Seligman (the 'father' of positive psychology) and with many of the leading researchers in the field of positive psychology. It's been a fun and interesting journey! I've worked with Action for Happiness from the start. I see my role as helping people to unpack happiness and take action. We often say that we want to be happy but do we understand the ingredients and the actions that takes? What makes me most happy? It's simple: to learn, laugh and love; to feel like what I do makes a difference; to use my body (yoga, walking, joggling), be outside - especially by the sea! I also enjoy making things around me beautiful, food and markets!


Go to the profile of Sue Fraser
about 7 years ago
This is a brilliant idea but how can those of us without four good friends living nearby join in? I'd be interested in joining or setting up a local group if there is an opportunity to make contact with others in my local area.
Go to the profile of Kirsty Morgan
almost 7 years ago
I am so interested and excited about the prospect of setting up a happiness club. I've emailed to be one of the 100 founder members but am not quite clear if I could still run the happiness club, in conjunction with Psychologies, if I wasn't selected. Please can you clarify if it's just for the 100 selected or if others can take part? Many thanks.
Go to the profile of Diane Priestley
almost 7 years ago
I love the 10 Keys. They are spot on! I want to create a Happiness Club because I believe happiness flows from community connection and genuine face to face friendships. I also believe happiness flows from purpose and making a contribution to others living in poverty and deprivation. And in empowering others we empower ourselves, which is another secret to happiness, fulfillment and moments of pure joy. These are my core values and they are a perfect match with Action for Happiness! My motto is "every day I aim to add joy and reduce suffering."
Go to the profile of Judith Ingram
almost 7 years ago
I have sent in an email to become of the 100 clubs. When will you be deciding on who'll be chosen please?